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Springtime is about celebrating new growth and longer days. Slowly, but surely, winter is beginning to thaw. This is the season for fresh scents, simple but flavorful dishes, and a good bottle of wine.

Bring friends and family together for a casual, comfortable party. Our cheeseboard guide and simple recipes will help you set the table.


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Cabernet Sauvignon

The Crowd-Pleaser

THE WINE: Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon.
Approachable and delicious. Red fruit and flavors with hints of toasted vanilla.

THE CHEESE: Cabernets and Aged Cheddars are a classic combination. Try something new: Tangy goat cheeses make for a playful pairing.

THE CHARCUTERIE: Your favorite prosciutto will pair well with any full-body red wine. Be adventurous: Genoa salami with pistachio or dried cherries will elevate your board.

BREADS & MORE: Explore tannic fruit flavors with berries and pomegranates. Highlight oak spice with toasted baguettes and spiced nuts.


The Classic Cheeseboard

THE WINE: Hess Select Chardonnay.
Light and refreshing, with golden apple and pear flavors, with a soft edge of baking spices and vanilla.

THE CHEESE: California Chardonnay goes great with a firm cheese like Gouda and Manchego. Be Adventurous: Mushroomy Brie cheeses go great with white wine.

BREADS & MORE: You can highlight aromas and deeper flavors in the extras. Explore baking spices in toasted naan or smoked almonds. Highlight apple and white fruit notes in fresh citrus or dried apricots.


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Three Elegant Springtime Recipes


Easily welcome spring with three elegant dishes featuring fresh, seasonal flavors. They can each be made in an hour, or ahead of time, and pair perfectly with Hess Select Cabernet, Hess Select Chardonnay, or Hess Select Pinot Gris.

Chicken and Jasmine Rice Bowls

Grilled Sirloin and Vegetables

Shrimp and Veggie Salad

Three Elegant Springtime Wines

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