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Topographic Map Background Graphic

The Hygrothermograph

Visitors to The Hess Art Museum sometimes notice our hygrothermograph in The West Gallery. It simultaneously measures relative humidity and ambient temperature within the gallery. Static pen tips and a rotating drum create a 7-day chart.⁠ ⁠The humidity arm is controlled by strands of human hair which expand and contract with humidity (like how your […]  Read More

Alan Rath – CLOCK 2

Alan Rath, discussing his Hess Art Collection work, Clock 2. Does it keep time like a wristwatch of is it far more technical than that? Rath often used little puns or double entendres for his work titles. In Clock 2, the work relates to his fascination with the human tendency to make and name our […]  Read More

New to the Gallery: Super Wall Flower by Alan Rath

Visitors to our gallery will see both familiar and new works by our dear friend and collection artist, Alan Rath. Sadly, Alan passed away on October 2020 in Oakland, CA. Anyone who met the San Francisco & Oakland-based artist quickly saw that he had a deep humility and light sense of humor; he expressed both […]  Read More

Artist Spotlight – Andy Goldsworthy

British artist Andy Goldsworthy was born in Cheshire, England and raised in Yorkshire.  Throughout his career, most of Goldsworthy’s work has been made in the open air, in diverse locations throughout the world. The materials he uses are those to hand in the remote locations he visits: twigs, leaves, stones, snow and ice, reeds and […]  Read More
Topographic Map Background Graphic


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