The Hess Collection

Donald Hess was attracted to Mount Veeder’s high elevation and challenging mountain climate, believing this rugged land would produce great grapes, leading to even greater wines. Our estate vineyards are sustainably farmed, as directed by our founder’s guiding philosophy: “Nurture the land, return what you take.”


The Icon “Lion” series well represents the bold and courageous spirit that brought Donald Hess to Mount Veeder nearly four decades ago.


Complex, elegant wines sourced from sustainable estate vineyards high on Mount Veeder and in the far reaches of the Napa Valley.


Once a dormant beauty, the Allomi vineyards provide the ideal combination of soils and microclimates to yield elegant wines.


Sourced from grower families throughout California who strive to make the very everyday wines that elevate and honor our family legacy.


Lions Head Collection

The Lions Head Collection is inspired by the desire for expression and connection. These wines aim to entice the palate and the mind. This modern and sophisticated collection of wines is carefully curated, leveraging contemporary wine making technology and blending practices to showcase the optimal expression of the most distinctive growing regions in Napa and beyond.

Lion Tamer Wines

The Lion has been the emblem of the Hess family for generations. These wines pay homage to the family emblem and represents the new generation of the Hess Family’s vision to craft wines of distinction.

Panthera Wines

The majestic Lion belongs to the genus Panthera, which is the family of the
largest cats. Our Panthera wines are as mighty and recognizable as their namesake would suggest.

Small Block Series

Honoring the winemaker’s art and exploring vineyards in depth, every Small Block varietal embodies uniquely flavored fruit from Napa Valley and other locations, each deserving of special attention.


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